Trilicity Artwork: 4 weeks of work.

General / 24 February 2018

Its been even longer since Ive uploaded a blog post, But ive made a TON of progress. I went from just started inking around 3 weeks ago to almost done! (with the buildings alteast!)

Haruma and Neo chillin out, watching The Immovable Yokosubi preparing to obliterate this fool

The entire thing so far! Once im done with the buildings Ill start working on the canyon and then the night sky! Which will be MUCH faster to do than the buildings! Were getting so close guys :D! 

22 X 28 inch Artwork of Trillicity. Day 13

General / 07 February 2018

Hi! Its been a while since the last blog post, I actually haven't made much progress due to other projects (Yokosubi) But heres what I have so far!

Im going for a "Night time" setting, which explains all the dark lighting. I got pretty anxious starting on the inking since I cant really screw it up on a a 22 x 28 inch poster!! This is just the bottom left part of the city, I still havent drawn full detail on anything else so I can use this completed portion as a reference sample, which will help me with the rest of the drawing. I still have a long way to go.

22 X 28 inch Artwork of Trillicity. Forging the City of Steel and Dread

General / 28 January 2018

For my world building hobby, I made a massive 22 x 28 inch map for my world "Kudao". And one of the larger factions: Trillicity. A large nation based off Tokyo surrounded by a massive canyon on the island of Tekki, which is on the western side of the map. After the map was completed I decided my next poster art will be the massive city of Trillicity: One of the most populated and largest faction of Kudao, and one of the most cruel. The city is popular for its mining facility and has the biggest production of Steel and Triynium; An electric/fiery type element that is used to power up all sorts of technology.

Now this project will take me a few weeks but so far I got alot of simple cubes and other shapes to represent what I want:

Its a rough sketch atm. VERY WIP! (work in progress). I want Trillicity to be Japanese based. And i'm mainly taking about a different alternative to ancient Japanese history aging to the future. So it won't be like other futuristic japan/asia fiction like Big Hero 6, Pacific Rim, and most anime. So ill try to not make it TOO futuristic and more industrial, like Zaun from the League of Legends lore. As you can see besides the buildings theres an arena which is too big to not notice (Which is also in the map above if you look hard enough. I'm planning to have some action going on inside the dome like a gladiator or a monster or something. And also on the very right you can see 2 characters looking down at the city. These characters have been drawn before, their names are Neo and Haruma

Another reminder: This artwork will be like the Tokyo piece I did a few months ago, except its 4x the size and its on steroids!